Saturday's Child

"A heartfelt tale of love, honor, and becoming ... wise and wonderful."

-          Agapi Stassinopolous, author of  Wake Up to the Joy of You

An only child, Deborah Burns grew up in the conservative 1950s in the shadow of her beautiful, unconventional mother, Dorothy—a red-haired beauty who looked like Rita Hayworth and skirted norms with a style and skill that made her the darling of men and women alike. Married to the musician son of a renowned Italian-American family with ties to the underworld, Dorothy fervently eschewed motherhood and domesticity, opting instead to work, and turning Deborah over to her spinster aunts to raise while she was the star of a vibrant social life. As a child, Deborah revered her celebrated, charismatic mother, and wanted nothing more than to be like her in every way. But Dorothy was also a woman full of secrets, a mistress of illusion with a troubled past who was often as remote as she was lovely. Growing up, Deborah struggled to earn a place in her mother’s world with a focus that bordered on obsession—but Dorothy seemed forever unknowable and unattainable, an almost mythic figure whose love and approval were always just out of her daughter’s grasp. 

A rare and gorgeously written memoir, Saturday’s Child tells the story of Deborah’s unusual upbringing under the wings of her maverick mother, and her quest in midlife, long after her parent’s death, to uncover the truth about her mother and their complex relationship. No longer under the spell of her maternal goddess, but still caught in a wrenching cycle of love and longing, Deborah must finally confront the reality of her mother’s legacy and begin to reclaim her own identity.

A fascinating depiction of the searing, powerful bond that exists between all mothers and daughters, Saturday’s Child is a mesmerizing, eye-opening read for any daughter who’s ever tried to figure out where her mother ends and she begins.

The new memoir from author Deborah Burns. On Sale: April 9, 2019!

The new memoir from author Deborah Burns. On Sale: April 9, 2019!

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